Bye bye Rio Olympics!

Rio 2016

So I know that by now everyone has done a post about the Rio Olympics, but it has taken up a large chunk of my life recently so I don’t see the harm in adding another!

I have enjoyed the Olympics so much more than I thought I would. I was still looking forward to it, but I figured that after the London games, which were amazing, and with the time difference to contend with, this wouldn’t live up to my expectations. However, thanks to being on maternity leave and being able to watch it when I want (and when Freddie lets me) and due to our amazing Team GB performance, it has been truly brilliant.

True inspirations


Team GB have been so inspiring. My favourite performances have been from Mo Farah and Nicola Adams, as they both take such joy in what they do. Jessica Ennis-Hill was also so impressive. As a new mum myself I can’t imagine the dedication and effort she has put into coming back after having a baby, it takes all my time just to do a few sit ups now and again!

Its been fun watching it with Freddie – we’ve been out somewhere in the morning most days and then had a few hours in the afternoon playing and watching the games – he seemed to especially like the horses in the show jumping! It’s been nice to think of what sports he might be good at when he’s older – maybe not Olympic Champion level with my genes, but you never know!


I’ve also been reminiscing about the sports I did at school, I wasn’t great at team sports as I wasn’t as good as other people and felt embarrassed about being nerdy and crap at sports, but I did enjoy netball and hockey so it was good to see the women’s hockey team get Gold. It’s actually made me want to take it up again, although I don’t imagine I’ll be any good after a 20 year hiatus!



Organised Chaos!

The only downsides to the game has been the slightly poor organisation. It was a shame to see so many empty seats at events – I would be a bit gutted as an athlete to have spent 4 years of my life training to perform to a half empty venue. Also, the financial debacle surrounding the Paralympics is rather shocking. I can’t believe they’ve spent the Paralympic money on the regular Olympics. The Paralympians are astounding athletes and should be treated¬†with¬†the same respect as other Olympians. With a couple of weeks to go until they start, I hope that the games turn out better than is currently expected.


Lucy x

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