Freddie’s Favourites – February

Freddie’s Favourites! February

This month I started a new Blog series on the things that I have loved each month, and I thought that it would be nice to keep a record of the things that Freddie has enjoyed as well – they may be foody things, or things we have bought him or just games we have played together.

So this is just a little mix of the things that he has been loving this month.

What are your little ones loving this month?

  1. Goodies Oaty bars

Freddie isn’t too bad at eating – he is still shunning real fruit at the moment (if you try and give him it, he shakes his head and if you pop it in his mouth it just falls back out again!) and he will only eat it pureed, but he is pretty good at eating most other things.

His current favourite treat are the oaty bars from Goodies. These are great for when we are out and about, especially when we pop to a café (usually nothing fancy, often just our local Dunelm after a little walk, although the café does actually have rather a nice view across Sheffield) and I want a sneaky bit of cake, these make Fred feel he is getting something similar! My favourite is the carrot cake bar – it smells amazing! They are all organic and so are a reasonably healthy treat – sorry Fred, no cake for you yet!


2. V-tech Cars

Ok, so these drive his dad nuts, and I have to say I haven’t helped as I keep buying them for him, but I love them too! These little trucks play (the silliest) little tunes that Freddie loves – he loves music anyway and does the most adorable little dance to them. He loves to have them all going at the same time……..which is a bit much, but they are a great size for me to just pop one in my handbag to take out as a distraction as and when it is needed! This is ok as long as I have turned the sound off, otherwise I get some very odd looks from people, especially at work! I am looking to invest in some track for them at some point as well.


3. ‘Nose buzzing’

This month Freddie’s daddy taught him to do ‘Nose buzz’ by poking his nose and saying buzz! Freddie really enjoyed it and started leaning into the buzz which was so cute, and he started trying to do it back. Then his granddad panicked that maybe he would try and do this to other kids at nursery and poke their eyes out. So daddy decided he had to stop. However, I have managed to adapt it so that Freddie will do an Eskimo kiss with me instead, which I think is even cuter 😀

4. Walking!

Up to this point at 14.5 months old Freddie hasn’t been that bothered about walking unaided, he has had a walker for a couple of months and can walk really well with it, to the pint of being able to run up and down with it!! This week however something has just clicked finally and he has started walking on his own and the walker has been a little forgotten. He loves to walk between two people and give you a little hug at each end (only a brief one as he is eager to get going again!). He will do this until he has tired himself out and gets very wobbly, at which point I have to try and convince him to have a little sit down.

5. Mr Tumble

We have finally got to the stage where Freddie is becoming interested in children’s TV and one of his favourites (and mine!) is Mr Tumble. As we are doing baby signing ourselves I especially like Something Special, where Mr Tumble and Justin sign in Makaton. I actually find his shows ausing, as apposed to some that I just don’t get! I would love to go and see him in a show with Freddie at some point – how sad is that?!



Lucy x

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