Bye Bye Baby Weight!

While pregnant with my (gorgeous) little boy one thing that was always at the back of my mind was what my body would look like at the end of it all. I know, I know, a bit shallow, and obviously not my number 1 priority, however how I look and feel are a big part of my identity and it was important for me not to be totally swallowed up by ‘mummy’ and I would be lying if I said it didn’t matter to me. So when I was first pregnant I told myself I would eat well, for me and for him, and I would continue to exercise throughout my pregnancy. Well, it lasted a little while at least….

Eating took a hit in the first few months as I had morning ‘nausea’ which could only be calmed by eating white carbs, especially white bread. Yum. Sticking to my exercise regime lasted longer, although I toned it down from my usual plan. Previously I had gone to yoga and spinning classes and the gym once a week. I swapped this for pregnancy yoga (which I loved but which was more relaxing than anything else), walking and pregnancy exercise DVDs.


By the end of the pregnancy I was doing nothing though, it was late November, the weather was cold and dark and wet and I felt huge and heavy and tired.

I didn’t do too badly though, I ended up putting on about 2.5 – 3 stone, and being somewhere over 12 stone (I didnt weigh myself right at the end as I didn’t want to know the damage!) So a fair bit came off quickly, the first stone within the first couple of weeks and I got down to about 10.5 stone, and that’s when I plateaued. Breastfeeding and my daily walks with Freddie didn’t seem to be having any impact and I realised I needed to tackle my eating and stop using a poor nights sleep as justification for a chocolate breakfast (I have to confess that this was happening a lot). And I know, a lot of people would tell me not to be too hard on myself, that becoming a mum is hard work and tiring and that losing my baby weight isn’t the most important thing. And they are right. But at the moment I have a wardrobe full of clothes (ok, 2 wardrobes and a chest of drawers) and I like them and want to wear them again, and I don’t want to have to shell out for a whole new set of clothes that actually fit!image.jpeg

Firstly I tried Weight Watchers, but I soon decided that I couldnt be bothered to count EVERY SINGLE THING. I’m not dissing WW, my friend at work has lost 2 stone thanks to it, it just isn’t for me. I do have another 3 friends who are all doing really well on Slimming World as well so I thought I would give that a try. For people who are not in the know, SW lets you eat unlimited fruit, veg, eggs, potato, pasta and rice and lets you have a daily allowance of dairy and fibre and then everything else has a ‘syn’ value and you can have up to 15 syns a day. This appeals to me as there is a lot there that you can eat that should keep you full, I hate feeling hungry on a health kick.


In my first week I lost 1lb, which is not masses but it is in the right direction and I am on the way to my target, only another 16lb to go………. I have been on holiday for the last 2 weeks and stuffed my face so I was really surprised to get home and find out I had not put on anything – lucky!!

I will let you know how I get on and any fun/ tasty recipes as I go along!

Lucy x

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  1. thehippychristianmum May 30, 2016 / 8:53 pm

    Well done sts after hols! I’ve done both these diets I’m crap at dieting though I always end up resenting it! I’m dairy free due to my babba having a diagnosed allergy (& I’m feeding him) so that is working well as I haven’t been eating cake, chocolates etc. Silver lining and all that! May I ask where you got your stock images please they’re very nice? Also, loving the bump pic 🙂

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