Freddie’s 8 month Update

Blogging wobble

This months update is a bit late – I didn’t do one last month as I wasn’t sure whether to carry on doing parenting posts or not. There are so many parenting blogs out there, I had a wobble and thought what is the point when mine is just going to get lost amongst all the others. But I thought about it and I have made the decision that I will continue because it will make a good record of Freddie growing up if nothing else, even if no one else reads it. So do let me know if you do read this and if you enjoy it, it might make me feel a bit more confident!

So anyway, as it has now been over 2 months since the last Freddie update he has obviously developed loads:


Freddie now has his two bottom teeth and he likes to try and bite me on the nose with them! I thought that some of the top ones might have popped through a few weeks ago, as Freddie had a temperature for a couple of days and was very very dribbly, but nothing appeared. We shall have to see if they pop through by the 9 month update or if they are going to make us wait even longer! When Freddie had a temperature it really freaked me out as he has not been an ill baby so far at all.  Luckily I spoke to a lovely on call doctor, and after a few rounds of baby Ibuprofen he started doing much better – Phew!  


Sitting crawling and standing

So the last time that I wrote Freddie was still struggling with sitting up by himself – what a change! He can now finally sit up, although he prefers perching on his knees to sitting on his bottom, and he can also crawl and pull himself up to standing! He started off with a wiggly comando crawl, which was hilarious, but it is now a proper crawl and he can move really fast when he spots something he wants! I am shattered as I spend all day chasing him around to stop him chewing wires, or falling over, or eating shoes, or throwing the DVDs on the floor, or nabbing my phone……

I now think he will definitely be walking by the time he is 1!



It took a bit longer than I expected but Freddie is now finally happily munching away on more textured food. We had all sorts of problems when we first tried as he kept gagging on it and so wasn’t eating very much. I went with the tactic of trying the textured mush first and then filling him up with thick purée if he didn’t eat much, I figured that way at least I knew he was getting enough food but was still trying to move him up a level! He loves Ella’s kitchen pouches and they are great for variety, it’s especially good to give him meaty ones so I as a veggie don’t have to cook it!!


Freddie is still not liking his own bed! I guess this is my fault. At about 5 months he started waking up really frequently in the night and I was so drained that I started taking him into bed with me. This made everyones lives better as we all got more sleep, but now its proving very tricky to get him to leave again. Some nights he stays in his cot for quite a while and some nights he has a total meltdown when we try and put him in. As I am getting up several times a night I am much more tired – it’s like having a newborn again! I am hoping that if we keep putting him in there at least at the start of the night then he will eventually get used to it……I hope!


Every day brings something new that shows how Freddie is growing up. His push chair now faces outwards and his car seat faces forward –  he loves that he can watch us when we drive anywhere. He is enjoying trying out new things, like riding in the supermarket trolley, and he loves his door bouncer, although he swings in it more than bounces! His eyes seem to be staying blue like mine rather than going hazel like his dads (which I am (not so) secretly really pleased about), and he still hasn’t got a lot of hair (like me at his age).

So my little Monster of Joy, bring on 9 months!

Lucy x


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  1. Bridie By The Sea September 3, 2016 / 9:08 am

    Aww sounds like Freddie is doing amazing! I feel your pain with the sleeping, but it will change and work out ok – Emma was similar and now sleeps in her own room just fine 🙂 I think it’s an attachment phase they go through…I love your updates so hope you continue with them. Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam xx

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