Product Showcase – Cable Children’s Hat

IMG_1564  Cable Hat Product Showcase

Hi everyone! This week I have a much needed day off – no day job and Freddie will be in nursery – and I am planning to go and have my hair sorted. I am growing out my pixie crop into a short bob and it is currently looking VERY mullet like!! I think I will also go to a nice café and chill out with a drink and a book without having to wrangle a small child back into their chair every few minutes! It’s the little things that make life isn’t it!!

This week I will be starting work on a new product line, which I will hopefully be able to share with everyone in a couple of weeks. It’s a slightly different direction for me so I am really excited to see what people think. I hope you all love it obviously! Keep an eye out as there will be a product launch discount coming!

In the mean time while you are waiting excitedly for that (!) I thought I would share with you a favourite of mine – my cable children’s hat with ears. I love this one so much, and it has proved really popular with customers as well. I am really happy with the way the cable effect on the front turned out as I had never tried to create crochet cables before and the ears just make it look so cheeky! il_570xN_1007599625_lt6u-150x150il_570xN_836569735_25ya-150x150

12 months, toddler and child and can be made in whatever colour you like. I am currently working on creating a new colour chart so that it will be easier for everyone to see what colours I have available, but as with everything else it takes time which I am so short on at the moment. Kids get easier right?!

Until the colour chart is ready just message me your colour choices and I will let you know what I have available.

I have made it in some great Winter jewel colours in the past few months, but I think it will also look fab in some Spring pastels, ready for those blustery and sunny Spring days out, which are (hopefully) just around the corner!


Hopefully you have enjoyed this sneak peek at my favourite children’s hat. If you would like to order one then just pop over to my shop and you can have 20% off the list price – just use the code CABLEHAT20. This discount only applies to this item, but if it is not to your taste then there will be other new product offers (and other promotions) coming later this year – subscribe to my emails and you won’t miss any of them!

Lucy x

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