My rather late Halloween Instagram Giveaway!

Hello all! Well, it has been rather a long time since I posted anything hasn’t it!

This has been partly due to me just trying to cope with being a mum. I think I am just about managing, but it is hard work. I have gone back to work now and have been adjusting to a new job, thankfully this one is just part time! I don’t think I would have any time to do anything else if I was back full time. We are also trying to sell our house at the moment so I keep having to tidy up and show people around which is stressful and time consuming. This is on top of us trying to search for somewhere for us to move to. I am exhausted, and time just seems to vanish. Children are serious time thieves!!

I also made the decision that in the run up to Christmas I wanted to spend more of my precious (and limited) spare time making things again – for the shop and for Christmas presents. I spent a lot of time earlier this year on my blog and shop and social media, but crafting things is the more important part of what I want to do after all.

Hopefully now I am back at work with a bit more routine, and now Freddie is getting a bit bigger things will settle down and I will have a bit more time and be a bit more organised…….


Anyway, today I wanted to share my latest Giveaway prizes with you. I ran this on Instagram to coincide with Halloween and to celebrate reaching 750 followers on Instagram. 750 followers was really exciting as it has been a bit of a hard slog, trying to understand Instagram and find my photography style – this is still something I am experimenting with and working on!

I decided to make these super cute Mary-Jane Booties – which are always a popular choice – but I couldn’t decide whether to make them in this gorgeous Claret with Grey piping or Grey with Claret piping, so I made a pair of both! I really love this colour combo.


I do have to apologise that this Giveaway was so badly organised though! We had sickness in our house at Halloween, introduced by Freddie but passed around us all, so the winners were not picked for over a week and the Booties only went out in the post this weekend! Hopefully they will still be appreciated when they finally make it to their new homes though!!


I am planning on running another Giveaway when I reach 1,000 Instagram followers (and also when I reach 1,000 Facebook followers, although that will be rather further in the future I think!) so watch this space and keep an eye out for what I am making for that!


L x

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  1. Peff January 9, 2017 / 7:25 pm

    Ah, such a cute baby you have!! Sooo like his daddy!
    Loving the little shoes.
    Do you take orders for pom pom hats?
    Red would be the preferred colour. As near to a tractor red as possible.
    Size to fit a Grandpa.

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