How to make…3 ingredient hair mask


I was having a quick nosy around Pinterest, ok not so quick, possibly for an hour or two, looking for more homemade beauty products to try (seeing as the scrub worked so well), and I came across a recipe for a 3 ingredient hair mask, and I was really dubious. Just 3 ingredients?! I couldn’t believe that you could make something that worked with just 3 ingredients, I mean things you purchase have loads right? So I decided I had to to try it out just to see if it did indeed work.

I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised, Acacados are a bit of a super food and I eat them all the time – they’re  high in fatty acids, lecithin, beta-carotene, protein and potassium and are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, and contain more vitamin E than any other fruit! Wow! But I have never tried them externally before (I tried doing my hair with an egg once when I was younger, it didn’t work very well….).


What you will need:

  • 1 Small Avacado
  • 2 tbsp Honey
  • 2 tbsp Coconut Oil


What to do:

  1. Cut up the avacado into small pieces, removing the skin and stone and if possible use a blender to mix it until it is as smooth as possible (this works best with a ripe avacado do I wouldn’t recommend using the ripen at home type). If you don’t have a blender you could just mash it, it wouldn’t be as easy to apply to hair but it will still work almost as well!
  2. Microwave the coconut oil for 20 seconds until melted and add along with the honey to the avacado and mix them all together thoroughly.


3) Apply to hair and leave for 15 minutes to an hour. You could either sit in the bath with it on or you could wrap it up in in cling film and go about your business!!

4) Rinse and you are done!image

This actually does work really nicely. Yes it’s a bit messier than a store bought hair mask, but it dis leave my hair softer and shinier, so I will definitely be on the lookout for some more homemade beauty treatments to try!

Lucy x

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